Why Try The Renegade Diet?

Have you tried various starvation diets, restrictive diets and just plain boring diets that didn’t work? Are you tired of getting on the scale and not seeing changes? Do you dislike looking in the mirror because you see flab and not muscle? You can change all of that by trying the Renegade Diet. A man named Jason Ferruggia invented the diet, and he has had much success with it. Most people who succeed with the renegade diet praise it because it’s not like any other diet that they have seen before in their lives.

Be a Renegade

The renegade diet online takes an unconventional approach, hence the term “renegade.” It is not like a typical carb cutting diet or ultra-restrictive diet. It’s a diet that doesn’t seem like it’s a diet at all. It defies and discredits many of the myths that people have about dieting today. Another thing that is awesome about this option is that it creates a precision cut body that the dieter and all his or her family and friends will love.

A Few of the Disproven Myths

renegade dietMany people who consider diets believe that they will have to deprive themselves of the foods that they love to eat like ice cream, pizza and other goodies. The renegade diet allows dieters to be renegades and enjoy their favorite foods . As long as the dieters follow the extremely flexible system, then they will be fine.

Some people think that every good dieting plan must include breakfast because it is an essential part of weight loss. Studies that Ferruggia conducted disproved that myth. He found that skipping breakfast had little to do with how the dieting process advanced. People also tend to think that one must eat up to six meals a day to be successful at losing weight. That is not necessarily true either. In fact, eating three meals a day has the same impact as eating six meals a day does for the dieter.

How the Renegade Diet Works

The Renegade diet has several stages, and the first stage stars with the dieter drinking warm lemon juice. Next, the dieter must fast for 12-15 hours. After the dieter fasts 12-15 hours, he or she can eat a wide variety of food. In fact, the dieter gets to eat whatever he or she wants to eat. The person can eat like a renegade if that person so desires. The diet is all about having fun despite the fact that one is dieting. A diet does not have to be a drag or discouraging in any way. It can be an exciting experience.

How to Get Started

You can get started on the amazing renegade diet by purchasing some of Ferruggia’s information on it as quickly as possible. He offers a comprehensive book on it that explains every aspect of the renegade diet. The books describe many of the most common myths that hold people back from losing weight. It provides detailed instructions on how to begin the diet, as well. You can purchase this book and be on your way to a super cut body with many muscles and not too much flab at all. The diet is not like any other you have ever seen. Try it, and you just may be delighted by the way it works.